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AdaGIDE is the Ada GNAT Integrated Development Environment for Windows 95/NT/2000/ME/XP. It consists of an editor that interfaces to the GNAT Ada compilers. AdaGIDE was implemented entirely in Ada using the win32ada binding. For more information on the GNAT project, go to To download GNAT, start at

Click here to see a picture of the AdaGIDE environment.

AdaGIDE is freely distributed as a service to the Ada community under the terms of the GNU general public license.


To use AdaGIDE, you need GNAT.  Get it first from AdaCore GNAT libre site.

Get AdaGIDE from its sourceforge site.

Download FAQ

How do I keep my settings when installing the latest version of AdaGIDE?

Starting with the 21 March 2006 release, this should happen automatically.  Just install the new AdaGIDE into the same location (adagide.ini is no longer part of the installer).

AdaGIDE is free software, but donations to support web hosting, etc. are welcome!

Special features!

NEW with 7.4!

NEW with 7.3!

NEW with 7.2!

NEW with 7.0/7.1!

NEW with 6.50!

NEW with 6.42!

NEW with 6.40!

NEW with 6.26!

NEW with 6.23!

NEW with 6.22!

NEW with 6.21!

NEW with 6.20!

NEW with 6.17!


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